For process control, measuring every possible step in your daily workflow with Techkon range of measuring devices can never be easier. Besides the ease of use, the robustness of the device is a point which is indisputable in the graphics industry.

Black & White Densitometer:
(Ideal for film/digital photopolymer plate or LAMS plate)
T 120 Transmission Densitometer
:: RT 120 Reflection/Transmission Densitometer
:: LP 20 Light Table - Recommended for consistent measurement
:: LP 40 Light Table - Recommended for consistent measurement

:: SpectroDens Basic
:: SpectroDens Advanced
:: SpectroDens Premium

:: Adapter with Universal Plugs
:: Battery Pack
:: Lamp set
:: Techkon GmbH
:: Product Brochure:
T 120 Transmission Densitometer
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