Selection of proofing paper matters with today's demand in color accuracy as most printers just can't afford to do trial and error in the pressroom with unnecessary waste in resources and material which turned into extra costs.

E-Color Series of proofing paper will definitely be you ultimate solution as it delivers quality as well as cost savings.

E-Color Series
:: E-Color Semi-gloss, 17"x30m, 190gsm
:: E-Color Semi-gloss, 24"x30m, 190gsm
:: E-Color Semi-gloss, 36"x30m, 190gsm
:: E-Color Semi-gloss, 44"x30m, 190gsm

:: E-Color Photo-gloss, 17"x30m, 260gsm
:: E-Color Photo-gloss, 24"x30m, 260gsm
:: E-Color Photo-gloss, 36"x30m, 260gsm
:: E-Color Photo-gloss, 44"x30m, 260gsm

:: E-Color Cotton Canvas, 24"x30m, 260gsm
:: E-Color Cotton Canvas, 36"x30m, 260gsm
:: E-Color Proofing Paper
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