We offer used/refurbished Computer to Film(CtF) at various locations. If you have equipment that you wish to buy or sell, feel free to contact us with the brand, model, year as well as technical specifications and we are gald to be assist at anytime.

ECRM MAKO series
:: Media Widths: 14 / 18.1 /22.2 inches
:: Recording Source: 10 mW visible red laser diode
:: Resolution: 12 resolutions from 1,000dpi to 3,556dpi
:: Maximum Line Screen: 200 lpi (78.7 lpcm)
:: Repeatability: 0.03 mm (0.0012")
:: Cassette: 1 unit input, 1 unit output
:: RIP: Harlequin Rip Ver 5.x running on Intel Windows PC Workstation
:: Used Imagesetter
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