LEIBINGER is known for reliability in producing high quality inkjet printers, camera systems, numbering systems and system solutions.

Plunger- and center driven numbering machines
LEIBINGER is the only manufacturer producing and supplying worldwide the complete range of plunger and centre-driven numbering machines for 50 years. This is the deciding advantage for you: on the one hand the delivery of spare parts is guaranteed for many years, on the other hand you can be assured that the spare parts fit by 100%.

Standard and special equipments
Standard designs, all steel, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 61/2 Cicero. 6 or 7 digits in Gothic or Roman.

Special cast wheels in 4 Cicero design instead of a hardened steel wheel set.

Numbering machines 8 digits and more.

Special sequences 1 - 50 respectively 01 - 100 and repeating.

Special engravings for numbering of cheques like MICR, OCR and engravings for lottery tickets.

Overtype high numbering machines E.g. barcode numbering for figure sizes of more than 5,60 mm.

Rotary- Numbering Machines
LEIBINGER Rotary Numbering Machines. Straight or convex, 7 or 9 digits in engravings 3/16” Gothic, 1/4” Gothic, Farrington 7B, engravings 115, 116, etc.

Rotary numbering machines for encoding. E.g. numbering of cheques from 7 to 43 digits with the MICR engravings E13B and CMC-7 as well as the OCR engraving OCR-A1, A3 and A4 and OCR-B1, B3 and B4.

Numbering of lottery tickets. Special engravings with lateral font, below or inside.

Barcode numbering machines. In all requested designs, e.g. for documents of DHL, Federal Express, EMS, etc.
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