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As for prepress, we carry E-Color Proofing Paper for digital proofing, imagesetting films which covers chemical process and process-less digital ablative film designed specially for flexo digital imagers.

:: E-Color Proofing Papers
From paper to canvas, E-Color Series delivers full spectrum of proofing material and color professional.

:: EPSON Ink Cartridges
Order your E-Color Proofing Papers with Genuine EPSON ink cartridges to get a piece of mind, today!

Make full use of your flexo digital imagers with DRYFILM, which requires no chemical processing and simple to use. Best of all, it's environmental friendly, cost-effective, etc.

:: Binary Offset Printing Plate
Full range of commonly used graphic films for your imagesetting needs.

:: RollerKlean
Remove tough stain stays on the rollers in the film processor has never been so easy, try it today!
More information available upon request
Aqua Series is a product line which composed of flexo, gravure ink and varnish for any printing process.

We have also worked closely with FlexoCleaners.com, a US-based specialist in flexo cleaning solution as part of our solution to the pressroom.

:: Aqua Series - Aquaseal
Aquaseal is water-based heat seal coating overprint varnish which works well in offset or flexo print process.

:: Aqua Series - Aquaclean
Let's start practicing a healthier, safer and more productive pressroom environment today with our total pressroom cleaning solution today!