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Northern Imaging is proud to be associating with Bofa International Ltd, UK-based company for distributing its range of quality fume extraction and filtration for the printing industry.

Bofa is one of the market leaders in the field of fume extraction and filtration and have unrivalled expertise in the development and production of the latest solutions for a wide variety of industries in order to allow the customers to protect both their employees and the environment, whilst reducing energy consumption and downtime.

Authorized Distributor

TECHKON GmbH, a leading manufacturer of opto-electronic measuring devices for the Graphic Industry has appointed Northern Imaging to be the Distributor for providing precise measuring instrument to the flexo industry.

With the addition of TECHKON range of product, we look forward to being a more complete graphic solution provider for the process control from prepress to press.

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As part of the upgrading of our web site, we have a new add-on which we will focus on the technical issues surrounding the graphics industry.

The first add-on is a toolkit which we have compiled using Microsoft Excel, "Dot Size / Pixels Count Calculator" to easily find out the Dot Size and Pixels Count with just a few simple steps.

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Tung Shung Machinery Co. (M) Sdn Bhd has appointed Northern Imaging as one of the agent for the sales and services of Tung Shung range of equipments; with the geographical advantages of working closely with Tung Shung R&D and manufacturing facilities in Malacca, we strongly believe we are able to serve our customers with faster and better response time than ever.

New add-on: Tech Talk

Aquaseal - LSV71234 heat seal coating overprint varnish is a water-based varnish, suggested for evaluation in certain visual carded packaging applications. LSV1234 provides thin coating film to give fiber tearing bonds to rigid vinyl blisters. LSV1234 has been formulated for in-line wet trapping applications over blister grade offset and UV inks.