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Why do we need to care about the anilox rolls?
Anilox is the key factor in metering ink in the flexographic printing process. To deliver consistent print quality from time to time, the maintenance of the cleanness of the roll is critical as it dictates the amount of ink to be delivered to the photopolymer plate and subsequently to the substrate.

Poor maintenance of the anilox rolls not only leads to inconsistent print quality due to ink plugging in the anilox cells but extra wastage on the resources in the pressroom as well, this including material(plate, ink,substrate), machine downtime(on-time delivery), man power which all turns into extra operating costs. So, when is the last time your press people struggled to get the correct ink density while your customers are waiting for their order to be delivered? Have you checked up the wastage in your pressroom can be eliminated with a proper maintenance of the process control including a predictable and consistent amount of ink?

Cells clogged with dried ink will have a different shape and, consequently, a different ink volume. This influences the print quality and extra cost...
Plugged Cells
Plugged/ Wide walls
Clean Cells
How shall we care about the anilox and the next generations?
Besides taking care of the cleanness of the anilox rolls, being responsible in protecting our mother earth is every body's job and the selection of the cleaning solution which helps to reduce the VOCs is recommended. Last question, is your selection of cleaning solution helps to prevent us from damaging the environment which not only belong us but our next generations?
Keeping the Rolls Clean
Cleanliness is an important factor that directly influence the print quality. Therefore, all anilox rolls should be cleaned after each print job. Most printers claim cleaning with water does not give the required results. Moreover, cleaning with water requires more cleaning time as well as much water. This also results in large quantities of slightly polluted water. Cleaning with cleaners may lead to water being polluted more severely, but less water is needed. Overall, this is more environmentally friendly and more economical, since water needs to be processed regardless of the degree of pollution."
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